Do you want a free patent? become a pAtenT bAskeT broker

What do we do?

We simplify the transfer and trade processes of inventions submitted to the PCT and promote them internationally with the support of our broker network, so that those interested in acquiring technologies can patent them and make them profitable in any PCT member country in a simple way and under Win-Win agreements with its creators, all of which has been designed so that inventors can patent their creations in more countries at the lowest cost (even without cost) and can make them profitable with the support of foreign partners who also benefit from their efforts, those who It could even be other inventors or brokers in our network.


Our technology transfer system

We give our technology free to those who patent it or find partners to do so

Every time our technological offer is expanded, we communicate it to the brokers attached to our pAtenTbAskeT Brokers Program so that they have the «1st option» of acquiring a percentage of the rights of our new technology in their countries for free by simply assuming the administrative expenses of patenting it, or failing that, they may bring this same opportunity to another partner, but with whom they will now have to share the percentage of the intellectual property that the inventor and pAtenT bAskeT are willing to assign in their country,

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Our marketing system

Whoever initiates the patenting process in their country of one of our PCT applications, whether they do it as a pAtenT bAskeT broker or as a guest partner of it, will be able to import the technology from an authorized manufacturer and sell it freely in their country, even from exclusively and without paying any royalty, you can also manufacture the invention and you will only have to pay a royalty to the inventor if you export it to another partner in our network,

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Our portfolio of PCT applications

Although we have technologies from all sectors, by this means we only provide technical-legal information about the Lapa Pen, now and although the term for you to patent this invention in your country has already expired, this information will allow you to understand more precisely how to trade our technologies once you partner with us.

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Lapa Pen (Pen with pen holder)

For more information on the LapaPen, on how to import and sell it in your country if you partner with us, click here


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