*Information of interest for people or companies that want to acquire technologies in their country*

Steps to acquire our technologies in one of the 153 PCT member countries

Step 1.- Review our business proposal at www.PatentBasket.com and if you agree to be a Co-owner of the intellectual property of one of our technologies (or both) in your country, you just have to let us know, in order to inform you if we already have (or not yet) a partner in your country for the technology of your interest.

Step 2.- If we still do not have a partner in your country for the technology of your interest, we will let you know so that you can start the process of patenting the invention in your country –via PCT NATIONAL PHASE ENTRY-, for which -generally- you will only have to pay the official fee for the patent application process and present it with the LapaPen technical document (or with the Zep-Hilo technical document, if this is the invention you want to patent) before the patent office of your country so that the file number is generated (for example, Egyptian application No. 817-2019), which you will have to communicate to us in order for us to record this file number in the assignment document of 50% of the patent in your favor (We attach in annexes a real and duly legalized transfer document in favor of a partner made according to this methodology) *Remember that if you are going to enter our PCT applications in the National Phase in your country, it is preferable that you hire a patent agent, if you do not know any in your country, we will recommend one*

Step 3.- After you start the patenting process for our technology in your country, you must send us $ 100.00 (One hundred dollars), which will be used to pay for the legalizations and apostilles of the assignment document in your favor for 50% of the patent and to pay sending these documents to your country, (If you do not want to send us this amount to pay these operating expenses, we (the inventor) will pay them -so that you do not have to send us any money-, however, if you choose this option, you agree that your percentage on the patent will no longer be 50% but only 45%). *WARRANTY NOTICE: Keep in mind that if we do not comply with sending you the assignment document that will make you co-owner of the technology and which will allow you to continue with the patenting process initiated in your country, it will fall into abandonment and we (the inventor) we will have lost the possibility of patenting the invention in your country, that is why you must be sure that we will send you the duly legalized assignment document, because if we do not do so, we will also lose*

*To better understand these 3 steps, review the following scheme for entering the national phase of a previous technology*

Entry process in the National Phase of our PCT/PE2017/000028 application in the Egyptian patent office in 2019

May 20, 2019.- The (inventor/Patent Basket) makes the proposal to the Egyptian partner to protect the patent of the application PCT/PE2017/000028 -via entry national phase- in the Egyptian patent office in exchange for assign him 50% of the patent.

May 22, 2019.- The Egyptian partner informs the (inventor/Patent Basket) that he accepts the proposal and undertakes to start the patenting process for the PCT/PE2017/000028 application before the Egyptian patent office in the next days.

May 26, 2019.- The Egyptian partner informs the (inventor / Patent Basket) that with the help of a local patent agent, the application PCT/PE2017/000028 has entered the national phase before the Egyptian patent office (just the last day of the term) paying the receipt 768671 for this procedure, and giving rise to the Egyptian application No. 817/2019, (which you can see in annexes), so now (the inventor/Patent Basket) must make the assignment document and legalize it to be able to send it to Egypt, so that the Egyptian partner is also co-owner of the patent and can continue the process without problems.

Jun 20, 2019.- The (inventor/Patent Basket) complies with making all the legalizations to the assignment document (which includes legalizations, before Peruvian notaries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru and the Egyptian embassy in Peru) and then send these transfer documents to the partner in Egypt, (the duly legalized assignment document is in annexes).

Jun 28, 2019.- The Egyptian partner informs the (inventor/Patent Basket) that he received the assignment document sent from Peru and presents it to the Egyptian patent office in order to continue the patent process (No. 817/2019) that he started himself, but this time as a fully accredited co-owner of the intellectual property.


(1) Real model of an assignment document

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(2) Document / Application to enter the national phase to Egypt of this PCT application